KANA Product Suite



KANA Response

The KANA Response Email Management solution sets the standard for smart and efficient email management. Kana Response dramatically improves agent productivity and scales to millions of managed emails a day.

SPAR Solutions has a practice dedicated to providing expert services & support on the KANA Response platform. Our services cover complete range of needs including Integrations, Custom Reports, Archiving Solutions with expertise built over a decade of experience.


Search less, find more. With Verint Knowledge Management, you can find answers quickly by searching, browsing, or following guided processes, with personalized results tailored to the customer’s context

Tap into our resource pool of KM architects and developers who are well versed in implementing KM solutions effectively and quickly.





KANA Response Live

With its suite of intelligent Web collaboration tools, KANA Response Live offers unparalleled communication convenience to increase online sales and improve service quality. Real-time text chat provides instant answers. Web-page co-browsing offers step-by-step guidance. And proactive chat monitors customer activity to offer assistance as well as dynamically present targeted offers that can dramatically increase online sales.

SPAR consultants can help you manage your KANA Response Live application with consultants well versed in the capabilities of the product.

KANA Secure Messaging

Email poses a significant data security risk for organizations. Financial institutions, insurance companies, public services, health organizations and others need to strike a delicate balance between the experience demands of their customers and industry data security legislation

The KANA Secure Messaging solution provides an effective solution in solving these problems.

SPAR has implemented several enterprise solutions on KANA Secure Messaging. If you are considering options for a Secure Messaging implementation, reach out to us for a free consultation.






Built for the way the Public Sector operates, the LAGAN product suite is a case management solutions for local government. It support online government services initiatives that utilize the web, mobile and social media.

SPAR services around LAGAN cover implementations, upgrades, reporting solutions and support.