Natural Language Processing



Chatbots and voice assistants (e.g. Siri and Alexa) use similar approachs to interact with humans. Through training, they are able to understand the meaning of words and phrases, and act according to their understanding.
Use Cases: Voice Assistants like Alexa may be the most recognizable examples of NLP in action, but NLP adds value behind the scenes in ways that many people aren’t aware of.

Email filters that reduce the risk of someone opening a malicious email, language translation, redacting sensitive information in contracts, and extracting insights from legal documents are a few that come to mind. But, the most common way that NLP adds value to a business is through chatbots. Spar builds chatbots that make a real difference. Our chatbots help you…
Unlike their human counterparts, chatbots can work 24×7 and converse in multiple languages. They reduce wait times, give customers answers immediately, and deliver near-human customer experiences.
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Sentiment Classification

Sentiment Classification

Sentiment classification, or sentiment analysis, uses machine learning to analyze text and detect emotion without human intervention.

Businesses use sentiment analysis to process text, understand it, and take action exactly as a human would.

It can identify things like context, sarcasm, malapropisms, anger, etc.

It generates reports on things like public opinion and customer satisfaction levels, so business can derive actionable insights from complex and messy data.

Companies frequently use sentiment analysis to improve customer support and automate tasks with quick turnarounds, which increases the capacity of their employees and reduces workload, resulting in saved time and money.

SPAR employs various methods (including deep learning, a subsection of machine learning), complex algorithms, and neural networks to train systems to run sentiment analysis and identify key data like a human would.

Your business can leverage sentiment analysis using machine learning to help in matters like analyzing public opinion, improving customer support, and automating tasks with quick turnarounds.

Save time and money, get real, actionable insights, and improve your decisions. Learn more about how Spar can help you get started with sentiment analysis today.

Speech and Optical Character Recognition

The ability for machines to recognize human speech and render it in written formats are commonly used today. You use speech recognition software daily with voice assistants like Alexa and Siri and services like
Speech-to-text is leveraged by businesses in their content and meeting processes.
Now meetings, interviews, and podcasts can all be recorded and transcribed, and then repurposed into searchable, written content shared across channels. Speech recognition and OCR also make content more searchable online. They improve the effectiveness of SEO efforts by making content more easily discovered by search engines, which previously had trouble crawling any content that was not typed.. At SPAR our AI/ML practice delivers a full suite of accessibility solutions that your business can leverage to improve competitiveness across an array of industries.
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Speech and Optical Character Recognition

Speech and Text Analytics

Speech and Text Analytics

Gain insights into customer-employee interactions using speech and text analytics driven by sentiment analysis, ML tools, and deep learning algorithms. We can help you unearth insights that highlight areas of competency, immediate concern, and potential improvement.
Speech and text analysis help you better understand your customers and employees and how you can best serve them. Contact our experts for a no-commitment presentation, today.

Predictive Text and Autocorrect

Anyone who has fat-fingered a search string and received in return a message reading: Did you mean…? Has experienced the benefits of predictive text and autocorrect.
Imagine if Google or Bing never returned any result until you typed in exactly what you were searching for? Think of all of the different ways that you could type a search and the variety of results it could return.

How is Google able to predict what you are searching for with such startling accuracy, as though it could read your mind? That’s the magic of AI in action. SPAR can help your business and its systems “read minds” in a similar manner. We intelligently design models that predict and correct inputs to help people find what they need without too much effort. Contact us today for a no-commitment demonstration to see how our Predictive Text and Autocorrect solutions improve your customer and employee experiences.

Predictive Text and Autocorrect

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