and the Setup menu within a organization have a lot of tools for administrators and developers to leverage to accomplish a variety of tasks.  Tasks such as:

  • View object METADATA
  • View actual object data/records
  • Search for specific data
  • Develop APEX classes
  • Develop APEX triggers
  • Develop APEX unit tests
  • Importing Data
  • Exporting Data
  • Working with the Salesforce APIs
  • And much more. . .

One tool that I recently discovered and am very impressed with is the Open Source Workbench tool created by a employee, Ryan Brainard (in his free time).  While it still has areas which need to be improved, it is does a great job leveraging the Salesforce APIs enabling you to accomplish many tasks that previously took more than one tool to complete.

Take a look at the demo video below then log into to give the demo a test drive.