Salesforce CPQ – Key features overview

The Salesforce community has of late been very excited with new offerings integrated into the platform. One such offering is Salesforce’s CPQ module which makes CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote) functionality natively available on the platform.

CPQ products have been very well established in the market place for a long time, but the reality is that many of […]

By |June 1st, 2017|Uncategorized|0 Comments – Overcoming Apex code limits

Salesforce’s cloud platform ( provides a lot of flexibility for customizations, with Apex code being the most common way to develop new functionalities on the platform. However, unlike development stacks like Java and .Net, there are limits imposed by the shared platform. This is to ensure that no single customer takes up too many […]

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Corrupted Excel file from Visualforce

With the latest release of Summer 16, some of you may be receiving a “File is corrupt and cannot be opened” error message with excel files generated from visualforce pages.

The fix for the issue is very simple – you were most likely including a tag at the end of your page, since it was not […]

2015 is here – Create your plan for success in just 15 minutes

As each year comes to an end, it’s time to start planning for the new year. Unfortunately, creating an annual plan can seem like a scary, tedious and time consuming process. If you’re like many others having trouble creating a plan, don’t worry – we’ve got your solution right here! Here’s a quick guide to creating […]

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Great Open Source Tool for Workbench and the Setup menu within a organization have a lot of tools for administrators and developers to leverage to accomplish a variety of tasks.  Tasks such as:

View object METADATA
View actual object data/records
Search for specific data
Develop APEX classes
Develop APEX triggers
Develop APEX unit tests
Importing Data
Exporting Data
Working with the Salesforce APIs
And much more. . .

One tool that […]

By |January 23rd, 2013|Uncategorized|0 Comments – Setup User Signature Template for your Organization


I want to send e-mails to my Leads and Contacts from within Salesforce with my standard e-mail signature, but the OOB e-mail signature does not support HTML.  I want to add a mailto and website link as well as our company logo, any ideas?


You can achieve this with an HTML e-mail template per user or […]

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