A Complete Guide to Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Are you still using traditional job management systems to manage your mobile workforce of field service technicians, couriers or home care providers?

You might want to consider an upgrade.

Adequate as these traditional systems may seem at times, they are also prone to errors and delays due to limited information access, manual processes, miscommunications, and errors, all […]

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Salesforce.com – Overcoming Apex code limits

Salesforce’s cloud platform (force.com) provides a lot of flexibility for customizations, with Apex code being the most common way to develop new functionalities on the platform. However, unlike development stacks like Java and .Net, there are limits imposed by the shared force.com platform. This is to ensure that no single customer takes up too many […]

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Corrupted Excel file from Visualforce

With the latest release of Summer 16, some of you may be receiving a “File is corrupt and cannot be opened” error message with excel files generated from visualforce pages.

The fix for the issue is very simple – you were most likely including a tag at the end of your page, since it was not […]

Object Composition on Force.com

Most programmers coming from a standard object oriented programming programming language like Java, C#, C++ etc. are used to working with composite objects. For e.g. an Account object will contain a list of associated Contacts and Cases. A Project object will have a list of associated tasks.

When you start working with the Force.com platform, the […]

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Salesforce.com – avoid deployment failing due to unrelated test cases

How often have you hit a situation where you start deploying a new change set to Salesforce.com in production, and get stopped by errors on an unrelated test case? It’s certainly very frustrating when that happens – here’s one commonly encountered cause of such errors and what you can do about it.

Sometimes you might think […]

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Salesforce.com’s Health Cloud for PRM – what the doctor prescribed!

On Sept 2nd, in a pre-Dreamforce 2015 announcement, Salesforce.com finally took the wraps off their new target industry: the Healthcare vertical. The announcement confirmed recent persistent rumors about its intentions to break into the healthcare market.

The software-as-a-service suite features “patient relationship management” tools – distinctly different from EHRs. In a statement to the media, Salesforce […]

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Boxed in with inefficient technology?

Software selection – From Products to Solutions

Many SMBs (small and mid sized businesses) have successfully evolved from being smaller companies to their current size. They have mostly had experience with buying and implementing off the shelf software products for their technology needs.

When they reach a certain point in their growth, such products stop being the […]

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Getting ROI from your CRM technology

Make your CRM technology pay for itself

Many organizations are frequently challenged when they think about the budgeting process for implementing or revamping their CRM solution. With smaller and smaller sales and marketing teams, the budget for systems keeps shrinking as well. Operating in this context is clearly not very easy for Directors and VPs of […]

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Systems Integration – Connecting the dots

CRM-ERP-Systems Integration challenges and approaches

When you are looking for the ultimate level of success with your CRM solution, invariably the vision is always about having access to unified customer and prospect information in a single system. Sales & Marketing, Customer service, engineering and finance are all areas of the business that can gain tremendous value […]

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Dreamforce 2013 – It’s time to pack!!

At this year’s Dreamforce 2013 event, Salesforce.com is expecting a new record for attendance – over 120,000 attendees are expected! When I think about seeing that many people in such close proximity, I tend to feel a bit anxious (strange, given that I grew up in Mumbai, a city teeming with over 20 million people!)

The […]

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Preparing for the Salesforce.com Developer 401 Exam

I recently passed the Salesforce.com (SFDC) DEV 401 Certification exam and wanted to share my secrets to success.  Not too long ago I posted an article on Preparing for the Salesforce.com Administrator Exam and a lot of the ideas there apply to this exam as well.

From my experience with the Salesforce.com certification exams, I think […]

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How does Salesforce.com do it?

I have always been impressed with the architecture and design of the Salesforce.com platform ever since I started looking at it.  The multitenant solutions they have found to common problems such as:

how to handle security at an organization, user, profile and field levels
how to manage data between the client and the backend (ORM)
how to create […]

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