Technology Expertise – We have been delivering complex IT solutions with significant ROI for many years now. We can share industry best practices and help develop appropriate solutions for your enterprise.

People – SPAR has a staff of highly experienced and result-oriented consultants.

Process – Our teams follow strict methodology and processes to ensure that the highest quality product is delivered to our customers.

Flexibility – SPAR realizes the dependencies and constraints that can impact projects. SPAR can work within these constraints to meet customer deadlines.

Core Values – We measure our success in terms of the business value we bring.

Experience SPAR Total Management

We strongly value the need for effective management of projects, ensuring visibility for all, while being very adaptive:

Total Management – Change management, risk management, communication management, vendor management, Configuration management.

Flexible – We tune our processes so that it works effectively for small or large engagements.

Combining Onshore and Offshore Capabilities

SPAR has the ability to blend onshore and offshore strengths to provide optimal services at affordable rates.

Offshoring with SPAR Solutions offers significant benefits:

  • Gives your business applications the same level of support as you would receive with onsite resources.
  • Provides a lower cost option, allowing you to reduce operating costs.
  • These gains can be reinvested in system enhancements and improvements that will increase your business competitiveness.
  • With remote support tools like Webex and teleconferencing, offshore resources are in the same position to provide support as a onshore resource working from home.
  • Offshore resources will work on tasks such as deployments, backup, testing and other tasks during off-hours in the US – this reduces impact to the business staff during regular business hours.
  • Offshore resources also ensure that systems are working smoothly before the day starts in the US, thereby increasing the productivity of your business.

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